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Three-Dimensional Train Simulator for Personal Computers

Fans of rolling stock will be amazed with what this simulator has in store. Trainz Simulator 12 is the next release by this popular developer and it comes equipped with more options than ever before.

Unique and Realistic

Trainz Simulator 12 will enable users to build, design and manipulate their very own trains within extremely realistic scenarios. The graphics have been improved when compared to previous versions and it is now possible to access a satellite view of the routes themselves. However, many will argue that the main improvement is that a multiplayer mode is now available. Users can therefore team up with one another in order to create even more impressive machines. This game is equipped with 50 unique Steam achievements to earn along the way.

A Choice of Trains

It is possible to create diesel, electric and steam trains with a few simple clicks. Thanks to the ability to further customize other areas such as the background and even the supporting industries, Trainz Simulator 12 has indeed taken on a life of its own. This game is available for personal computers.


  • It is now possible to access a multiplayer mode.
  • New train routes have been added into the basic itinerary.


  • Some claim that the graphics are not as impressive as the 2010 version.
  • At least 16 gigabytes of free hard drive space is required.

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Trainz Simulator 12


Trainz Simulator 12 for PC

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